Thursday , 15 November 2018
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Product Description

At home, in school, outdoors, in the water, at the office, kids, adults and even pets all love TOOBEEZ!

Fun, easy to clean and use, safe sturdy, educational, stimulating and interactive. Engineered for versatility which allows the pieces to work well together in any creative building situation.

TOOBEEZ kits are fully safety tested and UV light resistant.
Toobeez can help develop perceptual motor skills in younger children, to more advanced logic problem solving skills in older children and adults. The bright colours and life sized pieces make it valuable, open ended, educational tool to develop coordination and motor skills

What will you build with Toobeez? Build confidence, flexibility and imagination with this inspiring educational toy.

Each 57 Piece TOOBEEZ Kit Contains:

  • 32 Tubes
  • 20 Spheres
  • 4 Slide On Curtain Panels
  • 1 Big Storage Bag
  • 24 Page – Big Idea Book

Recommended Age 3+

can be used in different fields:

  • teaching languages
  • occupational therapy
  • senior therapy
  • physical education
  • teaching math
  • improving skills

(CD is included)

price : 1430 QAR

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